Futur Console Book Publication [Relai Network Devnet]

This article will guide you through the process of uploading ebooks on Futur store via the console.

We assume that you have already a created account and if not see this guide

Now let's login to the console with the credentials.

We are redirected to the main page which is empty at this stage since we have not published any book yet.

You can click on Account section in the let menu to see the account details and even request for tokens to get more test tokens

Now let's publish our first book. Click on Books in the menu.

Click on add button and a form with 2 sections is opened to fill the book details we want to publish. So let's fill it

After filling all the fields accordingly we can now add the book by clicking Add new book button and we will be invited to sign the transaction since we will store some metadata onchain.

After successfully registering of the book we are redirected to the following page.

When clicking on dashboard on the left menu we will se the list of books we published. At this stage the book should be available on Futur Store

We can see the status of the book which is published and we can also edit the publication by clicking the three dots in the books row on the right side.

And Voila !