Futur Console App/Game creation [Relai Network Devnet]


2 min read

In this article we will guide you through how to submit an app or a game in Futur console so it be available through FuturStore mobile app store.

We assume that you have already a created account and if not see this guide

First we need to login with the credentials.

After successful login we are redirected to the main pages with the menu at the left side and the list of apps and games (0 for now ๐Ÿ˜Ž).

We can click on Account link to see our account details and event request for tokens if needed

Let's go to Apps creation page to create a game.

Click on Add button and start filling up the fields

Nb: At the bottom of the form the field package name must be filled by the name of the android package.

Upon clicking on "Create new app" button we will be invited to sign the transaction and store the game metadata on chain and redirected to the following page

Since we just uploaded the game metadata, let's now add a release to publish on store by clicking on "Add new release" button to see the following screen and fill the name and release notes field and upload apk as well.

After filling the fields and clicking "Create new release" button the apk is sent to the SAST-DAST Gateway and be forwarded to our MobSF instance for security scan.

Upon successful upload, we see "Launch scan" button to trigger the scan.

At the end of the scan the results are displayed and an app or game with scan results over out threshold will be allowed to publish the release of the app and in our case we have a score of 51/100

At this stage we can publish the app in the store by clicking on "Publish release" and validation the transaction since this operation also involves an an on chain transaction.

After signing the transaction the app will be now available on FuturStore App.

And voila!